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Trump, impeachment
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Ross: Figuring out a better method than impeachment

President Donald Trump (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Is there a better way than impeachment to handle alleged foreign interference?

Ross: Why impeaching President Trump would be unfair

We are at an impasse.

The Republicans defending Mr. Trump believe he was simply asking Ukrainian President Zelensky to arrange an objective investigation of corruption in his country.

Trump mentions two areas of corruption, both of which just happen to involve U.S. politics, and may provide embarrassing information about Joe Biden. But his real purpose is simply to end the corruption, and enlist Ukraine’s help in fact-checking the Mueller investigation.

As for the Democrats, they think all of this proves Trump is actually welcoming other countries to mess with our elections. They remind us that Trump said last June that if somebody called from a country like Norway with information on an opponent, he’d want to hear it. Democrats think that’s dangerous because the other country always wants something in return.

Don’t let details get in the way of a good Trump tweet

So how about this: Since information-sharing can no longer be controlled, let’s just open it up, and treat information like campaign contributions.

If you want to use information from Russia or Ukraine, go ahead and use it, as long as it is clearly labeled as being from Russia or Ukraine, and you disclose what you gave up in return.

And if it is discovered at any time that you lied about the source or the payback, removal from office is immediate, no matter who you are. That would be so much more efficient.

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