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Impeachment, Sondland
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Ross: The biggest upside to impeachment isn’t removing Trump

Ambassador Sondland testifying at impeachment hearings. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

If you’ve followed the impeachment hearings, you get a pretty clear sense of what happened.

Ross: Ukraine the real winner in impeachment hearings

Donald Trump found himself surrounded by diplomats who were passionate about Ukraine, like Ambassador Gordon Sondland, who was pushing for an immediate meeting with Ukraine’s President.

“If I had been in charge, I would have asked President Trump to have the meeting without preconditions and the meeting would have occurred a long time ago,” said Sondland during his Wednesday testimony.

Instead, he came to realize that the President was so disinterested in Ukraine, he’d outsourced his policy to “America’s Mayor,” Rudy Giuliani. That had diplomats in a panic.

Yet as panicked as they were, it appears that nothing would have changed – but for the little slip during that “perfect” phone call, when the President blurted out what actually interested him about Ukraine: Dirt on the Bidens. And yes, that slip might be impeachable, but shouldn’t Democrats be glad it happened?

It looks to me like that slip saved Ukraine.

Analyzing the impeachment analysis

Without it, the whistle would never have been blown, the military aid might have remained cut off, and Ukraine could be on its way to joining Soviet Union 2.0. Instead, an investigation was launched, and, as if by magic, the full military aid package was released!

If the Democrats think they’ll remove the President for something that ultimately didn’t happen, good luck. What really keeps a president in check is knowing that a whistle blower who sees something can safely say something and remain anonymous.

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