Gee Scott: 8 dos and don’ts of Valentines Day

Feb 14, 2024, 9:13 AM

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Chocolates packaged for Valentine's Day sit on a table. (Photo Illustration: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

(Photo Illustration: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

It’s Valentine’s Day, and Seattle’s Morning News called upon its relationship consultant, with a Ph.D. in romance, KIRO Newsradio host Gee Scott, to advise the younger and more naïve couples.

No. 1 Don’t ignore today

“Don’t ignore today,” Gee said. “Whatever you do, don’t ignore the day. Make sure you acknowledge it because it could lead to disappointment.”

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Even if it’s a special home-cooked meal — a growing trend among couples instead of going out to a fancy restaurant — an acknowledgment of the holiday is important. 58% of people in a relationship love to be surprised with a Valentine’s gift, according to Bouqs.

No. 2 No last-minute planning

“Last-minute planning makes life hard for you,” Gee said. “It brings added stress that you don’t need in your life. So that means no going to the side of the road and getting balloons and chocolate. They know when you just showed up and it was last minute.”

According to Entrepreneur, 46% of people don’t start shopping until early February. Marketing for the holiday follows a similar pattern, as it mostly ignores a multiple month-long campaign in favor of heavy campaigning just one or two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day.

No. 3 No generic gifts

“Don’t give the generic gift, whatever that is to you,” Gee said. “You know what generic is, it’s subjective to each couple. Just don’t do it.”

No. 4 Don’t overspend

“One of the things I think that happens is people think that the more that you spend on this day, the better the celebration is going to be,” Gee said. “I don’t suggest that. Stay within your budget. That way, you aren’t mad. Some of us right now are mad at Valentine’s Day because Valentine’s Day didn’t go like we thought and we spent too much money.”

On average, a single man will spend $71 during the holiday and a single woman will spend $40, according to Entrepreneur, but the volume of sales can be alarming. $4.5 billion was spent on jewelry for Valentine’s Day while another $3.6 billion was spent on experiences or events, such as going to the theater or a comedy club.

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No. 5 & 6 Be appreciative and forgo boasting

“Don’t forget to express the appreciation,” Gee said. “Whatever you do today, whatever your plans are, make sure you make it a point to express appreciation.

“This next one is important. Don’t brag too much and don’t be boastful,” Gee continued. “Be mindful that there are people that have lost loved ones that are no longer here and there are people that are just single themselves and kind of lonely. Make sure you keep that in mind. Be cognizant of that.”

No. 7 Don’t celebrate the ex more than your partner

“Be careful not to celebrate your ex-boo more than your current boo,” Gee said.

“How in the world does that happen?” Colleen O’Brien, co-host of Seattle’s Morning News, asked.

“Very simple. It will happen like this,” Gee responded. “So, hypothetically, my child’s mother, who I’m not together with anymore, if I got her flowers. If I got her candy. If I got her all those good things and then with my current significant other, I just give them a card.”

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No. 8 Put your effort towards those who matter most

“Don’t spoil your coworkers more than your significant other,” Gee said. “Some folks go ‘I got to make all these cookies, I got to make all these brownies. I got to do all this for my coworkers and do all these things and you go home and you see Larry like, ‘Larry, good to see you.'”

“Work will never love you back,” O’Brien added.

Additionally, Gee added some advice to never take your significant other to a place to eat that you have been before with your ex for Valentine’s Day, and to not make promises this afternoon that you can’t keep later tonight.

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Gee Scott: 8 dos and don’ts of Valentines Day