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Join KIRO Radio to help raise $6 million needed to build a memorial for Oso

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    Public face of Oso slide shares story to help raise money for memorial

    A permanent memorial is meant to be a place where visitors from around the world and local students can come to learn about what happened there, similar to memorials placed at other disaster sites.
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    Why the Oso memorial matters: An agonizing search for a brother

    John Hadaway spent seven weeks searching a field of mud for his brother after the Oso mudslide. He lost a brother, but gained lifelong friends.
  • Oso firefighters

    The Oso firefighters who refused to leave anyone in the mud

    Meet Tim and Willy Harper, two volunteer Oso firefighters who refused to leave their hometown fire station that devastating day in 2014 and who helped ensure all 43 victims were found.
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    Finding Summer: A brother’s mission to get to his sister after the Oso slide

    A heroic brother was determined to find everyone lost in the tragic Oso landslide in 2014, including his sister. His mom gave him a mission: Go find your sister Summer.
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    Oso slide: ‘Don’t forget our history’

    Tim Ward heard a rumbling but thought it was just the Navy jets that often trained in the area over the weekends. When the ground beneath him started to move and they lost power he realized it was something else.
  • “Dollar Up for Oso” at the Evergreen State Fair

    Help fund the Oso Mudslide Memorial by participating in “Dollar Up for Oso,” exclusively at the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe. Add a dollar when you purchase your Evergreen State Fair tickets at the gate or online at 100% of your donated dollars will go toward the official Memorial fund. Experience the fun of […]
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    Firefighter recalls days spent responding to tragic Oso landslide

    Firefighter Gregg Sieloff recalls the weeks that followed the tragic, deadly Oso landslide as a current effort to establish a memorial continues.
  • oso memorial

    Oso memorial path, mailboxes planned at site of tragic landslide

    An Oso memorial is taking shape where the massive, tragic landslide took the lives of 43 people and wiped a community off the map. This is how you can help.
  • Watch: Pszonka Family on why a memorial means so much for Oso

    Tom, Karen, and Jessica Pszonka lost five family members on March 22, 2014 when an entire hillside gave way and swallowed a neighborhood in Oso.
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    Remembering Oso family’s private paradise

    A family's private paradise was destroyed when