Holiday Magic

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Matt Butler

Holiday Magic: The bands who played on KIRO Newsradio

This year, KIRO presented an all-day broadcast with inspiring stories from Treehouse and live performances from local artists with incredible talent. 
7 months ago
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Dave Ross

Ross: Donating to Treehouse a great way to spread Holiday Magic

In the 35 years since KIRO Newsradio started raising money for Treehouse through Holiday Magic, families have changed a lot.
7 months ago
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L.B. Gilbert

How your donations support Treehouse’s Holiday Magic program

Colleen O'Brien visited Treehouse as the KIRO Newsradio's 35th Annual Holiday Magic campaign to support foster kids has arrived.
7 months ago
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Chris Sullivan

Foster kids get help with navigating the troubling times of high school

Navigating high school can be close to impossible for teens in foster care. But Treehouse's educational advocates are trying to turn the tide.
7 months ago
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Micki Gamez

Former foster kid works to connect other foster kids with job resources

Neveah Brewer grew up in the state of Washington foster care system. She said the system was tough because she bounced around in Seattle.
7 months ago
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Heather Bosch

Holiday Magic makes a difference for children in need

Treehouse and KIRO Newsradio have been committed to supporting thousands of kids in foster care in Washington state through Holiday Magic.
7 months ago