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Ed Rec Vol. X

I’ve been a huge fan of dance label Ed Banger Records and many of the artists hosted by the label since I found out about it 6 years ago. Led by Busy P, head honcho Pedro Winter – who managed Daft Punk for 12 years – the label hosts some of the most talented and innovative artists ever to spin a record or drop a beat.

As Pedro explains “After managing Daft Punk between 1996 and 2008 I wanted to create my own history. By creating Ed Banger records I launched my own musical adventure in a way. I learnt so much with Daft Punk, I owe them a lot. Celebrating this 10th anniversary is very emotional, I’m proud I managed to write a pretty nice musical chapter in my life. Daft Punk as chapter #1 and Ed Banger records as chapter #2 is pretty cool.”

A decade in, Ed Banger shows no sign of slowing down. “I am a happy boy. It’s been 10 years of fun, travel, hard work and discovery. I feel lucky too, I met some strong artists, they are Ed Banger records. My main goal is to keep challenging ourselves. We are an alternative label, we are free to go where we want.”

Go here to purchase the album and visit Ed Banger Records.

Ed Rec Vol. X Tracklist:

  • 1. MR OIZO “IntroX”
  • 2. KRAZY BALDHEAD “My soul is like a tree”
  • 3. BREAKBOT featuring Pacific! “The Beach”
  • 4. BUSY P “Still Busy”
  • 5. MR FLASH “Reckless”
  • 6. JUSTICE “BrianVision MMXIII”
  • 7. CASSIUS “Sunchild”
  • 8. MR OIZO “Secam”
  • 9. SO ME “TX/FL/PA”
  • 10. DSL “In your house”
  • 11. MICKEY MOONLIGHT “Transition”
  • 12. FEADZ “Coleslaw43”
  • 13. BOSTON BUN “Grinded”
  • 14. SEBASTIAN “Moi” (demo version)
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