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Ingredient of the Week: Chanterelles

Chanterelle mushrooms make a great mushroom soup, and are reasonably priced for the season. (File Photo)

Looking to make a creamy mushroom soup this winter? Chefs Tom Douglas and Thierry Rautureau say you should look to chanterelles for a warm, woodsy flavor.

“We’ve already reached the bottom, from a dollar perspective, on chanterelles,” chef Tom Douglas says.”I chop them up, I saute them in butter and reduce them down and boil the moisture out of the mushrooms.”

If you have any extra left over, “you should also pickle some,” adds Thierry.

“In my mind, if you’re reducing down mushrooms, use that in a base as a flavor and then garnish with a little sauteed chanterelle,” says Tom.

It’s the last of the season for chanterelles, and they’re beginning to go up in price again, so Tom recommends checking out Whole Foods to get the best prices.

Whole Foods Markets are a proud sponsor of Seattle Kitchen’s Ingredient of the Week.

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