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Please adopt John Curley’s dog

This is Adele. Editor's note: She's adorable. (Photo by John Curley)

Dogs these days are worth $65,000. Of course, that’s not what you’re going to pay for a puppy, but for one family, a judge decided the dog was worth $65,000 in a wrongful death lawsuit.

And don’t forget about the City of Des Moines paying $51,000 to a couple whose dog was shot by police.

At the same time, data from the CDC show that a drop in the number of babies born to women ages 15 to 29 corresponds with an increase in the number of dogs owned by young U.S. women.

With all this money being spent on dogs, John Curley is saying: TAKE MY DOG, PLEASE.

About a year ago, John was swindled into adopting an adorable, 2-pound, Yorkshire terrier. He was told the dog was 16 or 17 years old, had been abandoned on the side of the road in cardboard box, and would likely spend the rest of its life, about six more months, in a cage.

After consulting with his wife, John decided to bring the senior pet home. Despite her incontinence, their family would give her a home for the rest of her life.

Only when they took their dog, named Adele, to the vet, the family made a startling discovery: she was only 9 years old and may potentially live a relatively healthy (though still incontinent) life for 10 more years.

Friends have said the Curley family has the get out of jail free card – they were given the dog under false pretenses, so they could take Adele to a shelter and leave her there.

But they’ve found they just don’t have the heart to do it.

Instead it has had the Curleys saying, ADOPT OUR DOG, PLEASE.

If you could give Adele a good home (possibly with some diapers) you might be doing them a huge favor. Write to John via the Lynnwood Honda Inbox.

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