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It's time to say goodbye to The Ross and Burbank Show

Hear it while you can. Friday's edition of the Ross and Burbank Show was the final episode featuring crusader for common sense, Dave Ross, and well-known imaginary radio (podcast) host Luke Burbank.

Study says 70 is the new 60

If getting senior perks starting at 65 wasn't enough, there's more good news for those heading to the big 7-0.

Seattle pot smokers may face future fines for toking in public

When someone is drinking alcohol on the street, police can cite them for an "open container of alcohol." That's an infraction that winds up costing your around $27.

Government now killing owls to protect owls

Federal wildlife officials plan to dispatch armed bird specialists into forests of the Pacific Northwest starting this fall to shoot one species of owl to protect another that is threatened with extinction.

If school zone cams are really just for safety, then why not a separate fund for ticket revenues?

If school zone cameras are supposed to be solely for safety, then why does Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn want the money to stay in the general fund, where it can be spent on anything?

Man's retirement property standing in way of $200 million project

Robert Zornes, an RV park owner in Forks, got a little more than he bargained for when he purchased a 100-acre riverfront property on the Columbia River where he dreamed of one day retiring with his wife.

Man shot 16 times settles with King County for $3M, suing state for $20M

The Auburn man shot 16 times by a corrections officer and King County Sheriff's Deputy has settled with the county for $3 million and is now suing the state for an additional $20 million.

Living on sunshine

She's been in the Daily News, the Guardian, and the Seattle Times.

Kids, rather than gender, may be responsible for wage gap

Monday marks the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act. President Barack Obama said Monday that 50 years after enactment of the Equal Pay Act, the nation still faces gender wage disparities that must be fixed. "This is the 21st century," he declared. "It's time to close that gap."

Utopian dreams crumble as REI kills unlimited return policy

"It's happened again, another utopian business plan has succumbed to the harsh realities of human nature," said KIRO Radio's Dave Ross at the news that REI decided to change its unlimited satisfaction guaranteed return policy.

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