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Christopher Robin
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Tom Tangney

  • Christopher Robin

    Winnie the Pooh fans should be overjoyed with ‘Christopher Robin’

    "Christopher Robin" is a fantastic family film. A live-action Disney movie starring Winnie the Pooh characters, it manages to capture the delicate tone and mood of the original A.A. Milne stories while creating an entirely new storyline.
  • Mission: Impossible

    ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ is all about stuntman Cruise

    The Mission: Impossible franchise long ago stole the best stunts mantle from the likes of James Bond and Jason Bourne.
  • ‘Mamma Mia 2’ not nearly as terrible as the original

    'Mamma Mia 2' senses the original used up all the good Abba songs and tries to make up for it with over-the top productions of the two big hits that didn't make the first film's storyline.
  • sorry to bother you

    Boots Riley hopes ‘Sorry to Bother You’ will change the world

    "Sorry to Bother You" was a breakout hit at Sundance and has already earned rave reviews and a great per screen average box office for an indie film.
  • Polished performances in ‘The Seagull,’ but ensemble falls flat

    Everyone delivers a perfectly polished characterization in "The Seagull," but no one seems to be working as an ensemble. That disconnect may even be part of Anton Chekhov's point, but it robs the movie of a unifying power.
  • ‘Incredibles 2’ is fun, but doesn’t pack Pixar’s emotional punch

    "Incredibles 2" doesn't have the sparkling freshness of "The Incredibles" nor the emotional power of recent Pixar films, but it still delivers.
  • Oceans 8

    After ‘Ocean’s 8,’ don’t expect to see an Ocean’s 9 or 10

    "Ocean's 8" gives Hollywood another chance to show off, this time with good-looking women in good-looking outfits.
  • First Reformed

    Ethan Hawke’s ‘First Reformed’ demands to be taken seriously

    The first critical hit of this year's Seattle International Film Festival, Ethan Hawke's "First Reformed" gets a regular theatrical release Friday, June 1.
  • privateryan

    Favorite true war movies

    If Tom Tangney had to choose his favorite true war movie for Memorial Day viewing, it would be "The Great Escape."
  • Solo

    Han Solo is the least-interesting character in this ‘Star Wars story’

    It's probably not a good sign when Chewbacca is the best thing in a movie purportedly about Han Solo but he is.
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