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Craigslist ad: Washington cousins seek dates for mom’s Hawaii wedding

A pair of cousins have no dates for a relative's wedding in Hawaii. So they used Craigslist to find women to take with them. (dronepicr, Flickr)

They are cousins who really liked the films “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.” That’s why they placed a Craigslist ad for dates to one of their mom’s wedding … in Hawaii.

“We need respectable girls,” Austin said. “I need something to show off to mom”

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Austin and Wyatt are from Graham, Wash. Austin’s mom is getting married soon in Maui. He and his cousin Wyatt don’t have dates to bring. So they turned to Craigslist. The ad has since been flagged and removed, but not before it garnered considerable attention.

The cousins told KIRO Radio’s Jason and Burns that they received about 30 emails, and their Instagram accounts have grown considerably with followers since they posted their ad on Craigslist. The pair are looking for two women as dates — ages 18 and older — to go to Hawaii and stay in a one-bedroom condo … and go to Austin’s mom’s wedding while they are there. They both like the outdoors — hiking, etc. — and both mention they like to “have fun” a lot. Jennifer Aniston was mentioned a few times as an ideal crush.

From Craigslist to Hawaii

If their Craigslist plan sounds familiar, it’s basically the premise of the 2016 comedy “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.”

“We could pick girls we went to high school with, but there’s no fun in that,” Wyatt said.

“We are two hard-working men, we are both electricians,” he said. “We don’t sit at a desk all day. We go out there and work. We’re 19 and 21, we go out there and have fun. How many ads do you see that say ‘We’re bringing girls to Hawaii?’ We are standing out there, we are not the average fish. We’re trying to have fun. We’re bringing it to the table and we need girls who are going to bring it, too.”

Austin and Wyatt are hosting an open house at a Starbucks in Spanaway on Mountain Highway from 9 a.m. to noon. They’re expecting a crowd. But they also say that they think some people are shy to respond. Yet, they’re confident their plan will work.

“We are going to find girls,” Wyatt said. “We have tons to choose from. I think, personally, girls are shy to message us because they think that there are cuter girls out there. When really, we got some cute-looking girls messaging us. And since they think they aren’t that cute, they can’t go. It’s not all about that. I mean, stand out. Say something funny. We got some pretty funny resumes and emails.”

KIRO Radio’s Zac Burns pointed out to the guys that there is another comedy about Hawaii, “Forgetting Sarah Marshal” where the lead character goes to the island and meets his love there. Maybe that’s the plan they should go with.

“Just because we are taking them, doesn’t mean we are dating them,” Wyatt said. “So we could end up there and find the love of our life there.”

The cousins, however, say that they are open to seriously dating women they meet on the Washington side.

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