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  • Same as it ever was: worker health benefit costs rise again

    In the ever-shifting world of company-provided health insurance, here’s a constant: It keeps getting more expensive. Workers may learn that their doctor will no longer be covered or they might have to pay a higher deductible before most coverage begins. Meanwhile, the employer paying most of the insurance bill faces the same big concern every […]
  • White House urgently ramps up push for drug cost legislation

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House is ramping up its push to get a bill through Congress that curbs prescription drug costs, feeling a new urgency as the impeachment investigation advances amid the 2020 election campaign. The effort has progressed beyond anything seen in years, says President Donald Trump’s top domestic policy adviser. “This is […]
  • Hip waders on: Venice copes with another exceptional tide

    VENICE, Italy (AP) — Venetians coped with another exceptional tide in a season that is setting records while other parts of Italy wrestled with a cornucopia of weather woes Sunday, from rain-swollen rivers to high winds to an out-of-season avalanche. Venice city officials shut down St. Mark’s Square, removing elevated walkways and turning back curious […]
  • Pope’s Asian agenda: Atomic bombs, martyrs, family reunion

    VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis has agendas both pastoral and personal for his trip to Asia, where he’ll appeal for global nuclear disarmament at the sites of the atomic bomb and minister to two tiny Catholic communities that have suffered gruesome periods of persecution. Emphasizing the dignity of life is also on Francis’ to-do […]
  • Pope decries that “greed of a few” worsens poverty of others

    VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis is decrying that the “greed of a few” wealthy people is compounding the plight of the poor. Francis celebrated a Mass Sunday in St. Peter’s Basilica dedicated to heightening awareness about poor people worldwide. He lamented that people aren’t worried that income “gaps are increasing, that the greed of […]
  • Dubai Airshow opens as big Gulf airlines slow down purchases

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The Middle East’s biggest aviation event, the Dubai Airshow, opened Sunday without any major deals as flagship Gulf carriers rein back big-ticket purchases. This year’s lackluster start could be seen as a reflection of the various challenges facing the industry but may also be due to the hundreds of […]
  • Italy’s white truffle hunters worry about climate change

    ALBA, Italy (AP) — Rising global temperatures are worrying truffle hunters around in the Italian town of Alba, where the most prized specimens can fetch twice the price of gold. This particularly warm October, eight out of 10 white truffles unearthed by Carlo Olivero with his trusty 3-year-old dog Steel were dark, withered and dried […]
  • Warren pushes back on critics of her health care plan

    WAVERLY, Iowa (AP) — Elizabeth Warren pushed back against critics of her newly released plan to phase in implementation of a single-payer health care system, insisting Saturday that she is “fully committed” to Medicare for All and that she plans to first build on existing health care programs because “people need help right now.” “My […]
  • Big study casts doubt on need for many heart procedures

    PHILADELPHIA (AP) — People with severe but stable heart disease from clogged arteries may have less chest pain if they get a procedure to improve blood flow rather than just giving medicines a chance to help, but it won’t cut their risk of having a heart attack or dying over the following few years, a […]
  • Young Venetians volunteer after flood of their lifetimes

    VENICE, Italy (AP) — As soon as waters receded from this week’s devastating flood, about 50 young Venetians wearing rubber boots and gripped by a sense of determination showed up at the city’s Music Conservatory to help save precious manuscripts. Thanks to their work, some 50 linear meters of archival manuscripts, dating from as far […]