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  • English woman wins annual pancake race with Kansas

    LIBERAL, Kan. (AP) — An Englishwoman barely squeaked out a victory over a competitor across the pond in Kansas in Tuesday’s annual pancake race between their British and American hometowns. Katie Godor, from Olney, in Buckinghamshire, ran the 71st International Pancake Day race with a time of 1:06 seconds. That just beat the time of […]
  • Brazilian politicians avoid Carnival as they become targets

    RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — At Rio’s annual Carnival celebration Monday night, comedian and composer Marcelo Adnet stood atop a float for the Sao Clemente samba school dressed in a sequin suit imitating Brazil’s far-right president. He mimicked Jair Bolsonaro’s signature finger-gun gesture while dancers surrounded him holding picket signs making fun of some of […]
  • New rail blockades in Canada emerge as talks continue

    HAMILTON, Ontario (AP) — Protesters erected new rail blockades Tuesday as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government said it was working to calm tensions with a British Columbia First Nation at the heart of demonstrations disrupting train traffic across Canada. A day after police dismantled a major railway blockade near Belleville, Ontario, new ones surfaced in […]
  • Dems thwart Senate Republicans on 2 abortion-related bills

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Democrats on Tuesday blocked a pair of Republican bills that would ban most late-term abortions and threaten prison for doctors who don’t try saving the life of infants born alive during abortions. The measures have been defeated multiple times in recent years, but Senate Republicans pushed for renewed votes to allow […]
  • Church shooter Dylann Roof staged death row hunger strike

    WASHINGTON (AP) — White supremacist mass murderer Dylann Roof staged a hunger strike this month while on federal death row, alleging in letters to The Associated Press that he’s been “targeted by staff,” “verbally harassed and abused without cause” and “treated disproportionately harsh.” The 25-year-old Roof, who killed nine black church members during a Bible […]
  • Study begins in US to test possible coronavirus treatment

    OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — The first clinical trial in the U.S. of a possible coronavirus treatment is underway in Nebraska and is eventually expected to include 400 patients at 50 locations around the world, officials said Tuesday. Half of the patients in the international study will receive the antiviral medicine remdesivir while the other half […]
  • Migrant detention center to open after conditions stir anger

    EL PASO, Texas (AP) — A year after asylum-seekers and other migrants overwhelmed U.S. immigration authorities at the southern border, the Border Patrol is opening a processing facility in Texas that officials say could help it better care for detainees following outcry last year over young children and adults held in squalid, crowded conditions. “This […]
  • ‘Time is everything’: World braces for spread of new virus

    China’s massive travel restrictions, house-to-house checks, huge isolation wards and lockdowns of entire cities bought the world valuable time to prepare for the global spread of the new virus. But with troubling outbreaks now emerging in Italy, South Korea and Iran, and U.S. health officials warning Tuesday it’s inevitable it will spread more widely in […]
  • Inmate seeks end to solitary over refusal to cut dreadlocks

    HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — An inmate awaiting trial in a shooting case wants a federal judge to release him from solitary confinement in a central Pennsylvania county jail, where he has been for more than a year because he refuses to cut dreadlocks that hold religious significance for him. The hand-written lawsuit filed in October […]
  • NTSB: Tesla Autopilot, distracted driver caused fatal crash

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Tesla’s partially automated driving system steered an electric SUV into a concrete barrier on a Silicon Valley freeway because it was operating under conditions it couldn’t handle and because the driver likely was distracted by playing a game on his smartphone, the National Transportation Safety Board has found. The board made the […]