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Dino Rossi: 8th District race is about $2,800 and 20K jobs

Dino Rossi. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

With days left before the November midterm elections, Republican Dino Rossi is not slowing down in his effort to win Washington’s 8th Congressional District.

Rossi told KTTH Radio’s Jason Rantz that if there is one thing to understand about a potential Kim Schrier win — it’s $2,800 and 20,000 jobs.

“She said that she wanted to repeal the tax cuts … repealing the tax cuts in the 8th Congressional District, pretty much every other congressional district, means another $2,800 out of your back pocket,” Rossi said.

“My opponent, Kim Schrier and also Nancy Pelosi, both called it crumbs,” he said. “And 20,000 jobs could be lost in the state of Washington, that’s what the state economist said would be created by the tax cuts. On and on, all the raises people have had. We need to keep the economy moving. Putting Democrats back in charge would kill all that.”

Rossi said that he is being outspent 2-1 in the race for the 8th District. He adds that a lot of that money is going to “half-truths and outright lies.”

“I was telling people that if half the things they say about me are true, I wouldn’t vote for myself. My gosh,” Rossi said. “My wife, we’ve been married 31 years, we were watching TV and she says, ‘Boy, I didn’t know you were such a bad guy.’”

One example Rossi points to is an ad stating he has connections to a scammer. He argues that he bought a property from a guy 21 years ago, and flipped it three years after that.

“And a decade after that he went bankrupt in the financial crisis so apparently that’s my fault,” Dino said. “Things like that. They are calling you corrupt. It’s basically a character assassination. The good news is that people know me. That’s been the hard part for them. This is a swing district … if people didn’t know me, I think this district would be lost.”

“The reality is that I have an endorsement from, obviously, all the Republicans, but I also have Democrats, mayors, city councils,” he said. “The Seattle Times said ‘Look, Dino has actually done all this before as far as bringing people together’ … That’s why they’ve endorsed me. And my opponent wants to go back and yell at people. She’s a hardcore Seattle lefty. She woke up the day after Hillary lost and just knew she had to be a member of Congress. She’s never had any community involvement whatsoever, except being a pediatrician. She got paid to do that. That’s it. No rotary, no chamber, no Kiwanis, no Doctors Without Borders. She just started marching in protests in Seattle, more than protests and parades in the district. And the last thing we need is someone else back there yelling (in Washington DC).”

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