TCTI: Too Crazy To Ignore
Dave Ross

When the first responders are us

It's a year since the Boston Marathon bombings, a good time to go over the lessons learned. And the biggest one came out within seconds of the explosions - when ordinary people became first responders.

The Battle of Bunkerville

For 20 years Cliven Bundy of Bunkerville Nevada has claimed the right to graze his cattle on federal range land without paying range fees.

Some people are way too reasonable

There are people lurking around the fringes of American politics who are determined to spoil the fun.

Is there anyone whose password hasn't been stolen?

There is another major computer security breach - nicknamed "heartbleed" - and here's what makes this one so special: It's a security breach in a widely-used type of encryption software. The very software designed to keep things like your password secret!

Should you know how much your co-workers make?

The latest figures show that not only do female undergraduates outnumber males - but women dominate the graduate schools too.

On Equal Pay Day, businesses and women still have a lot to address

April 8th is equal pay day, which means that based on average earnings, a woman has to work this long to make up the difference between what she and a man earned in 2013.

The drug war gets a second wind

The point of legalizing marijuana was to stop jailing people whose only crime was inhaling, make a little money for the government, and put the crooks out of business.

My TV crisis

It has finally happened. After twelve years, our TiVo is full and has stopped working. Even though I paid for a lifetime membership.

Google Glass: Once you live with it, will you be able to live without it?

Google Glass makes its debut in Seattle this weekend: Saturday and Sunday at Sodo Park, where you can try it for yourself.

Tweeting Cuba into submission

The White House has confirmed an Associated Press investigation which found that the United State financed a Twitter service for Cuban cell phones between 2009 and 2012 - for the purpose of eventually giving young Cubans a way to communicate freely and maybe even form flash mobs to start an anti-Communist Cuban Spring.

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