TCTI: Too Crazy To Ignore
Dave Ross

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray to unveil minimum wage plan Thursday

Mayor Ed Murray has announced he will unveil Thursday his plan to increase the minimum wage in the city.

Stop the asteroids!

Former astronaut. Dr Ed Lu sees a clear and present danger. "The next great space mission, in my opinion is protecting the planet," says Lu.

Legislating a $15 minimum wage turns out not to be that simple

Seattle has become the latest battleground for the $15 minimum wage debate, and the mayor's task force finds itself grappling with all sort of complications.

Study: Biofuel from corn waste not better than gas

The latest study into whether fuel made from the residue of corn crops is good for the environment has only created confusion.

A college president uses the 'W' word

It's provoked a talk show spasm - this comment from last September's convocation speech by the President of Western Washington University Bruce Shepard.

Legalizers in denial

Professor Mark Kleiman of UCLA was one of the strongest voices arguing that if drinking alcohol didn't get you thrown in jail, neither should pot.

You're not losing your mind after all

I'm sure we were all very happy to hear about the latest brain research which concludes that forgetting where you put stuff is perfectly normal, and NOT necessarily a sign that you have Alzheimers.

When the first responders are us

It's a year since the Boston Marathon bombings, a good time to go over the lessons learned. And the biggest one came out within seconds of the explosions - when ordinary people became first responders.

The Battle of Bunkerville

For 20 years Cliven Bundy of Bunkerville Nevada has claimed the right to graze his cattle on federal range land without paying range fees.

Some people are way too reasonable

There are people lurking around the fringes of American politics who are determined to spoil the fun.

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