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Earthquakes continue to rumble east of Everett

Several more earthquakes have been reported east of Everett since July 4. (USGS)

The ground east of Everett near Lake Stevens continues to shake. Several more earthquakes have been recorded since the first was reported on July 1, including three in the past 24 hours.

A magnitude-1.7 quake was recorded between 2-3 a.m. Wednesday, just hours before 1.3- and 1.1-magnitude quakes were recorded Tuesday night.

Track the latest earthquakes recorded in the Pacific Northwest

Tuesday and Wednesday’s earthquakes follow what Seismologist John Vidale called a “swarm” on July 1. At least 12 quakes struck near Lake Roesiger, which is east of Lake Stevens and southeast of Granite Falls. The largest of the rumbles was magnitude-3.4 and was widely felt.

Vidale said the majority of the quakes recorded July 1 were aftershocks.

A map published on Facebook by Vidale shows just a few earthquakes in the nearby area in the past six years.

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