Rantz: Seattle residents, media mock dead victims to own Fox News

Sep 29, 2023, 7:10 PM

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Jessie Watters' primetime clip where Johnny Belisario asked local residents at the Seattle Center about the dangers of the city's drug use. (Screenshot obtained by The Jason Rantz Show)

(Screenshot obtained by The Jason Rantz Show)

Seattle residents and local media are celebrating snarky man-on-the-street responses to Fox News, pretending we don’t have crime and drug overdose crises. All they’re doing is mocking the victims of their failed policies. But hey, it’s to own the cons!

By now, you’ve likely seen the Jessie Watters Primetime clip where Johnny Belisario asked passers-by at the Seattle Center to weigh in on the record high crime and fatal overdoses. The surges began after 2020 Black Lives Matter-inspired criminal justice reforms and Democrats’ drug decriminalization scheme. The three people that made it to Belisario’s on-air package mocked the premise.

Reddit users and some in local media celebrated the responses “owning” the conservatives at Fox News. They’re looking for some of the residents featured in the video, hoping to buy them cups of coffee or profile them for their heroic responses (joking about our crisis is funny; just don’t joke about lawyers who dismiss the lives of innocent victims — then you better take it to the streets). They’re heroes for rejecting the idea that Seattle is suffering any crisis because conservative media is lying for ratings. “Fear porn” sells, we’re told.

Addicts slowly killing themselves: Haha!

When Belisario said he saw people shooting up on the drive over from the airport, a privileged white lady in a bright green jacket and scrubs replied, “Oh, did you? And they were bothering you?” Belisario said he “was in a car” at the time, prompting more mockery: “Oh, no, you were in a car, they were hurting you so bad! Oh no!”

Isn’t her indifference to the addicts who will soon die from an overdose funny? Seriously, it’s laugh-out-loud funny! That dum-dum Belisario has misplaced sympathy towards people slowly killing themselves in plain view, as privileged Progressives express their openness to drug use by ignoring human suffering. What a fool.

Personally, I find it hilarious that responsible parents have to explain to their kids that they should hold their breath around that weird burnt peanut butter smell from the dude smoking fentanyl on the bus. Hah! Ride a bike to school and work, losers!

But there’s nothing funnier than the look on a small business owner’s face after realizing they’ll have to spend $5,000 fixing the broken storefront that an addict destroyed to steal products to sell, and then feed their drug habit. Hey, business owner: that’s why you have insurance, fool! Haha.

The privileged lady went on to deny that the city decriminalized drugs before being forced to recriminalize them. How would Belisario know anyway, since he’s “from New York, apparently [he’s] listening to the wrong people.” Stupid New Yorkers — get the internet, Belisario, and then you’ll know the truth of what policies are passing in Seattle, noob!

Nothing funnier than murdering innocent victims

“I’ve never seen any crime in Seattle. I’ve never seen any of it. I’ve seen fun and laughter, and laughter and fun,” one man told Belasario, possibly referencing the laughter towards addicts killing themselves. The green-jacketed privileged lady said she didn’t believe the crime statistics she was offered off-camera and that she’s “never heard of anybody getting robbed…” A third woman told Belisario that, “Crime is a social issue that can be solved by giving people their basic needs.”

Locals loved these answers, too. They thought it was funny because we obviously don’t have a crime crisis in Seattle or King County. That pregnant mother who was randomly murdered just about a mile from the Seattle Center? I mean, look, some crime happens, am I right? And while we’re about to meet or exceed an all-time high 69 homicides, we at least get to say “69” a bunch of times. Now that’s hilarious. 

It’s not like we’re seeing a surge in stolen cars being used to smash through storefronts to steal a bunch of weed. We definitely didn’t just lose two Target stores directly due to crime; someone on X said those were just concept stores, and they’re lying when they explain why they’re closing. Corporations lie all the time, am I right?

Remember those silly elderly Asians being terrorized in their neighborhoods by a gang of degenerates? C’mon, you laughed at the video of the man being tasered — admit it! It was hilarious. Take that Fox News!

What a shameful display

There’s obviously nothing funny about the crises we’re dealing with. Yet somehow, the three locals featured on Fox News are being celebrated.

Melissa Santos at Axios said she wanted to track down the green jacket lady for a profile and to find out her favorite breakfast joints. Commenters replied to sing the woman’s praises.

“She should never have to buy a drink in Seattle again. I love her,” Seattle University professor David Moser posted.

Residents get the city they deserve

These people aren’t mocking Fox News because they assume conservative commentators don’t care about Seattle’s problems. It’s that they don’t think there are problems to begin with. They believe our coverage on Fox News is a made-up narrative looking for clicks and ratings. Meanwhile, they justify the problems by claiming Seattle is just like any other major city. Except we’re not.

We’re not supposed to have as many homicides, overdose deaths, and property crime that we’re experiencing. Our coverage is over-the-top because we’re sounding the alarms? What kind of coverage should we provide when we see innocent pregnant mothers being murdered or upwards of 1,000 people dying from fentanyl and meth. Perhaps we should wait until the green jacket lady is mugged and thrown down a flight of stairs by a prolific criminal before we take the crisis seriously. Oh, wait, that already happened to another elderly woman in a bright jacket and scrubs.

Watters called out the three people on the man-on-the-street video as “in denial.” But they’re not in denial. They just don’t care.

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Rantz: Seattle residents, media mock dead victims to own Fox News