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Rachel Belle

  • 90% of spas and resorts won’t give massages and facials to people touched by cancer

    The nonprofit Wellness for Cancer is on a mission: to train as many of the world's spa practitioners, so they don't turn away those dealing with cancer.
  • voicemail

    Voicemail contradiction: We hate leaving messages, but love saving them

    A lot of people (cue the millennial bashing) no longer leave voicemails. But we value voicemail more than we think. Many of us have saved the funny ones, the sentimental ones, the voices of loved ones we don't often see.
  • Oregon woman with golden palate may have created some of your favorite foods

    With just a sniff and a bite, Sarah Masoni prides herself on her ability to pick out every ingredient that went into a dish.
  • Diana Nyad

    Record holding swimmer Diana Nyad is motivating Americans to walk more

    Diana Nyad is the only person to ever swim from Cuba to Florida. Nyad has since launched EverWalk, an initiative that urges Americans to walk more. EverWalk Epic Walks Pacific Northwest is a 134 mile group walk from White Rock, BC to West Seattle, starting this Sunday.
  • luxury road trips

    A $25,000 road trip? Travel companies curating luxury road trips

    For $10,000 to $100,000 you can have EXP Journeys plan luxury road trips for you. Less station wagon, more helicopter. Instead of fast food, a private chef. And luxury tents with beds and showers.
  • The history of the great American family road trip

    Tis the season for the Great American Family Road Trip, which evokes visions of wood paneled station wagons, whiny 'are we there yets' and stops at the world's largest ball of twine. Richard Ratay, author of the new book, 'Don't Make Me Pull Over! The informal history of the Family Road Trip' says Americans are getting back behind the wheel again.
  • single rose project

    Single Rose Project: Sammamish woman gave away free roses for a year

    Sammamish artist Carrie Schmitt was having a rough year. So she started "A Single Rose Project," where she gave a rose to a stranger everyday for a year. The result was a powerful social experiment.
  • Podcast host Adam Carolla wants Hungarian food for his last meal

    Adam Carolla's podcast, The Adam Carolla Show, is the most downloaded of all time, according to the Guinness World Records. He told Rachel Belle he wants Hungarian food for his last meal.
  • Seattle mermaids share their magic with a sick little girl

    Seattle has a pod of mermaids (duh) that swim in local pools, lakes and rivers. When a local mom discovered Seattle Mermaids, she asked them to surprise her six year old daughter, who has been fighting leukemia, with a swimming party.
  • In Seattle, it can be harder to become a dog walker than a babysitter

    KIRO Nights talk show host, Zak Burns, describes the long and thorough process he went through to become a dog walker at Rover, where only one in five applicants are approved.
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