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Port Orchard man arrested for 13th DUI

A Port Orchard man is facing significant prison time after being picked up for drunk driving for the 13th time.

The Washington State Patrol said troopers found Charles Sorensen’s truck in a ditch Wednesday night. When they tried to help the 49-year-old, he ran off.

Troopers said he could barely stand after they caught up with him. They also said a half-empty beer and an open bottle of vodka were found in his truck.

This is the 13th time Sorensen has been arrested for DUI. The Kitsap Sun reports he has been convicted seven times. His last conviction was in 2007, after which he spent a year-and-a-half in prison.

Sorensen could face significant time, if convicted again, because of new repeat drunk driving penalties approved by the Legislature.

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