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A Christmas letter from mom

Zak and mom.

This is the first year I will not be spending Christmas with my family. This is the Christmas letter I received from my mom.


Merry Christmas.

So many years your dad and I were having to celebrate away from our families and always tried different ways to celebrate the day.

Then we were blessed with two amazing boys and decided to make Christmas special in our own ways. Christmas Eve parties for all of Medford Lakes, trips to Philly for the light show, to Peddler’s Village with John and Marian and whomever else we could drag along!

Distance became an obstacle, but we saw stockings hung in a lot of different cities. But, it didn’t matter. We had us.

This year as you and Jessica celebrate together, my Christmas wish is that you can look back with fond memories. You will be making your own traditions and memories, but always remember there is a Santa and that you are so loved. Love your wife.


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