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Rachel Belle

  • Rapper Dessa attempts to heal a broken heart by healing her brain with neuroscience

    Desperate to get over her ex, Dessa tried a therapy called neurofeedback. She got hooked up to electrodes, monitored her own brain activity, and attempted to change unwanted thought patterns.
  • uw contraception

    UW Medicine is testing a new male contraceptive that men will want to use

    UW School of Medicine's Dr. William Bremner says there hasn't been a new form of male contraception in 200 years and surveys show men are willing to use it.
  • Salumi

    Seattle’s legendary Salumi has new owners (bye bye Batali) and a new location

    Salumi, a cured meat mecca in Seattle's Pioneer Square neighborhood, was started by chef Mario Batali's dad, Armandino Batali, 20 years ago. But big changes are happening at the Seattle institution.
  • holidays

    How to tell your family you’re not coming home for the holidays

    It's a tale as old as time: people dreading spending time with their family over the holidays. What if you've hit your limit and you've decided you don't want to go home this year? How do you break the news to your family?
  • CBD is safe for pets, but does it actually work?

    CBD is a wildly popular product derived from the hemp plant, and can help pets and humans with anxiety and pain associated with cancer and arthritis. But the products for pets are unregulated.
  • Travel trend: packages tailored to single parents and their kids

    A vacation can be a different animal for a single parent traveling with their kids. But the tourism industry has finally taken notice. Slowly but surely, there are a handful of companies providing experiences tailored to single parent families.
  • Woodlawn Cemetery

    Green burials can feel raw, cathartic and are easier on the environment

    KIRO Radio's traffic reporter Chris Sullivan tells the story of burying his best friend's mom, at what turned out to be a green burial. And Rachel Belle visits Snohomish's Woodlawn Cemetery, that has a special section just for green burials.
  • snopes

    The founder of the fact checking website Snopes lives in Tacoma

    If you've ever asked the Internet a question like, "Is Tupac still alive?" or "Did an Indian woman gave birth to eleven baby boys all at once?" you've probably ended up at
  • art, king county

    King County study shows art boosts health, graduation, volunteerism

    A brand new study from Seattle non-profit ArtsFund looked at the social impacts of art in King County. The results show that the arts have huge benefits to our community, our children and our health and wellness.
  • nirvana, rock photographer

    Decades old, never seen photos from Seattle’s go-to rock photographer

    Darrell Westmoreland has been shooting bands around Puget Sound since 1971. His debut book "Snap Click Flash" is a black and white collection of his favorite shots from his time as a rock photographer.
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