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Todd Herman

  • 1639

    Second Amendment Foundation: Loopholes aplenty with I-1639

    The Second Amendment Foundation, as well as the NRA, will be challenging I-1639 in the coming months. This announced by founder Alan Gottlieb on The Todd Herman Show Wednesday.
  • Sound Transit Board, car tabs, Sound transit, ST3, Steve O'Ban

    Complicit in crime: the Sound Transit Board

    The Sound Transit Board -- a group of unelected rubber-stampers of this rogue agency's many crimes and scams -- is set to announce a big raise for the head of their criminal conspiracy.
  • Amazon, ICE

    Protesters mock Jeff Bezos, denounce Amazon’s relationship with ICE

    A crowd of people gathered outside the Amazon Spheres on Wednesday to protest that Amazon sells technology to ICE.
  • A Covington man helps take down an armed robber

    Covington man helps police officer wrestle suspected robber to ground

    When a local finished shopping at his local Costco, odds are he didn't expect to help bring a suspected criminal to justice.
  • affordable housing

    Michael Knowles: Letting people live on the street is not showing compassion

    Michael Knowles said the Left wants us to believe that allowing people to languish in misery and decay on the street is compassionate, when in reality it only harms them and our civilization.
  • uw, university of washington, conservative

    Street preacher assaulted by ‘Willy Wonka and his Oompa Loompas’

    Anthony preaches his version of the gospel on college campuses all over. His recent trip to the University of Washington campus ended with him being accused of 'assaulting a pregnant woman.'
  • I-1639

    Are self-defense rights being encroached by I-1639, gun storage laws?

    The Edmonds City Council gun storage law is the subject of an NRA lawsuit. Gun rights activists discussed the state of such rights in Washington.
  • Kaepernick

    Kaepernick’s free agency: Nothing to do with politics, everything to do with the distraction

    According to social media, if you saw NIKE’s new ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick, you were either enthralled in rage at the fact that he was front and center, or enthralled in rage at the people who were enthralled in rage that he was front and center.
  • government

    Law is dead in Washington state: I-1639 is inarguably illegal

    If King County voters press I-1639 upon Washington state, gun owners will have a moral obligation to refuse to comply.
  • bus service

    Metro bus ad depicts Seattle officials as gangland figures

    A bus ad that depicts Seattle's corrupt politicians in proper style -- as gangland figures. Seattle could use more sobering ads like this.
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