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What does it mean? Mysterious message appears on the Space Needle


A mystery message has appeared on the Space Needle.

97.3 KIRO FM traffic reporter Kimi Kline took a photo of it from her plane while flying over Seattle Monday afternoon.

We were left wondering what #TopThis meant.

It turns out you get a shot at designing the Needle’s new paint job. Your genius idea will remain on top of Seattle’s most popular icon for six months from Oct. 21 through April 21, 2013.

“This really is a nod to our heritage. We were built as a symbol of the future, born of the imagination of a few and embraced by the world,” said Space Needle President and CEO Ron Sevart. “As we look ahead, this is our way to continue to stir the imagination and look ahead to our next 50 years.”

You have a until Sept. 20 to submit your ideas to the Space Needle’s website.

KIRO host Dave Ross calls it “the worst billboard ever” unless of course, you’re trying to speak to people flying over and peaking out from a window seat.

The Space Needle has featured the Galaxy Gold color since April to celebrate Seattle Center’s 50th Anniversary. There have been several promotions starring the 605 foot tall landmark this year. In March, Rovio attached a huge, red slingshot to its legs possibly in hopes of flinging a giant bird across the city? It was all an effort to promote the new game, Angry Birds Space. The Space Needle also gave away a trip to space in May to a Tucson man who convinced them of his love for all things space.

While the Space Needle has been the center of Seattle attention all summer, it declined to fly the gay pride flag in June.

As you think about what you’d like to see on top of the Space Needle, you might also consider how it should appear in the next 50 years. It could get glass platforms extending from the observation deck.

The Space Needle has also alerted its Twitter and Facebook followers to the fact that you may find “galaxy gold” berets around town this week. One was spotted at the Pike Place pig, another on the Great Wheel.The hats are finders keepers, by the way.

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