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Techie condoms can report location where they were used

With the help of special techie condoms, Planned Parenthood is mapping where condoms are used in the Northwest. (Image courtesy Planned Parenthood)

Where are people using condoms in the Northwest? High-tech condoms handed out by Planned Parenthood are allowing people to share that info.

KOMO TV reports condoms with a QR code are being handed out at local colleges and universities.

Users can scan the code to “check in” the location they used the condom. The location then appears on a map along with other locations condoms were used.

Even without the special QR-coded condom, people can check in the location where they used a condom through a form at the website.

Planned Parenthood assures users the exact address isn’t stored and the location is mapped somewhere “close by in the neighborhood so your special spot stays secret.”

“Sex that safe, should be shared,” says the Planned Parenthood Where Did You Wear It website.

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