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WATCH: Rantz skewers KeyArena renovator’s claim there’s no traffic on Mercer

When I first read Lance Lopes of OVG claim that he struggled to spot a car on Mercer westbound towards KeyArena, I did a double-take but assumed he was speaking sarcastically.

Then, when I heard it him on the Dori Monson Show make the claim, I knew he was being a really, really bad salesman, trying to earn our support of his company’s proposal to renovate KeyArena by flat out lying to us.

But, in the deepest crevices in the back of my head, part of me wondered if he was right. Sure, I live in the area and experience Mercer daily, so I have a general idea of the traffic, but perhaps I’m so biased with my transportation stances, that I’m blind to the reality of a car-free Mercer!

So, I went out to Mercer last Thursday between 5 p.m. and 5:45 p.m. I think you’ll agree that what I found out was rather shocking.

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