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Mark Levin


Are you happy with division in the United States?

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We’re in a war for the country. I characterize it as a cold civil war.

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In Washington D.C., anger is big business. Some of the biggest fundraising times for the two major parties are when they’ve suffered massive losses. Because when you can add anger and fear together, you can get huge amounts of money. And a cold civil war is good for that.

I was looking through the recent fundraising numbers and records continue to be broken. There is big business going on in Washington D.C.

I was part of the problem when I was in D.C. years ago. I was part of the state of division. But man, did the money flow. That’s part of the reason I say that I lost about 75 percent of my soul when I was working there.

It’s quite a business model: fundraising while people are furious. The money just flows in. We often hear that we need to get money out of politics. But first, we need to take politics out of money.

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