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Ron and Don ‘bashed’ on Ballard poster

This flier was posted under the Ballard Bridge. (Courtesy of Don O'Neill)
LISTEN: Why Ron and Don 'picked on' a handicapped, homeless drug addict

Don often works out in Ballard, so it didn’t take long for word to reach him that his name was featured on a poster with Paul Story under the Ballard Bridge. He’s not happy about it.

“There’s some posters of Ron and myself, bashing us underneath the Ballard Bridge,” Don said. “I don’t know who put them up, but I’m going to find out.”

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The poster shows the mug shot of Paul Story, aka Pablo el Diablo. The Ron and Don Show reported a story of a boat owner who encountered Story allegedly stealing from a boathouse at his marina in late March. Story reportedly attacked the man with pepper spray. He has a history of violent encounters with police in the past as well. But after Story was arrested for the theft incident, Seattle police accidentally let him go. It led to a search for Story and a segment on Washington’s Most Wanted. He was eventually taken into custody at a homeless encampment.

Now it seems someone is not happy for the way Ron and Don pursued the story of Paul Story.

“I know there’s a lot of homeless agencies out there that think we are heartless when it comes to homelessness and we’re not,” Don said. “I’m just heartless when it comes to these agencies that are part of the homeless industrial complex.”

“This guy is a known felon who attacked somebody, and he deserves to do some jail time,” he said. “If there are people out there who are part of the homeless industrial complex that think we are picking on a guy like this, well, yeah we are. Because he attacked someone; he assaulted someone.”

Don asks anyone with information about who posted the fliers to contact the show, even anonymously.

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