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Todd Herman supports Mitzi Johanknecht for King County Sheriff

Mitzi Johanknecht is challenging King County Sheriff John Urquhart in the 2017 election. (Courtesy of Mitzi for Sheriff)

I have had Mitzi Johanknecht on the show a few times now and I like her quite a bit.

More importantly, she has pledged on the show that she would continue to enforce laws against heroin sale and possession in our area, even if “safe injection sites” are put in place. Johanknecht said she wants to cut off the suppliers and dealers of heroin so that we can stop the opioid epidemic in our region.

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Johanknecht also says that establishing safe injection sites in King County would be an additional draw for individuals to prey on people in crisis, including human trafficking. She says that her police force would continue to enforce the drug laws that are on the books.

There are things we can do to help people with addiction issues, Johanknecht says. But she still wants to take drug dealers off the street. She wants to do what police officers are tasked with doing, which is enforcing the law.

I think Johanknecht has a chance to save this county from destroying itself and I am going to hold her accountable to what she promised on our show.

As always, please listen to the full audio clip for complete context.

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