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dungeons & dragons, critical role
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  • dungeons & dragons, critical role

    Renton, Critical Role, and the Dungeons & Dragons revival

    Renton game company Wizards of the Coast is experiencing a surge in popularity of Dungeons & Dragons, so much that series like Critical Role are raising millions.
  • Phoenix Jones

    Why Seattle’s famous superhero Phoenix Jones is retiring

    Seattle's superhero Phoenix Jones is retiring. He may stop crime when he sees it. But Ben Fodor says he is done being the hero of the Emerald City.
  • Uber

    The most common, bizarre items left in a Seattle Uber

    In all honesty, the items that were found neglected in Seattle Ubers over the past year were a little underwhelming compared to other cities. But hey, Seattle, there is still time in 2019.
  • bus

    Klein: Why I don’t ride the bus to work

    Riding the bus to and from work shouldn’t be difficult, but it is. Maybe it's just a beginner's bad luck or maybe it's that transit agencies don't make it easy.
  • white supremacist, white supremacists

    Recent white supremacist activity in Washington is not new

    The recent increase in white supremacist activity around Washington may have surprised some, but it's just the latest in a long hateful history in the Northwest.
  • patriot front

    Sugarcoating white supremacy: What’s behind fliers found in Washington

    Fliers found in Western Washington over the past year are not obviously neo-Nazi propaganda. But that’s the point. A closer looks reveals their source to be a white supremacist group.
  • seattle, snow, snowstorm

    Winners and losers: Western Washington’s 2019 snowstorm

    The snow hit Western Washington and the region reacted in different ways. There were definitely winners and losers over the past week's snowstorm.
  • snow plows

    Should Seattle rethink its plans for snow plows?

    How many snow plows does Seattle need to handle a massive snowstorm? Then again, how often does the city get a massive snowstorm?
  • Seattle snow

    How to prepare for the Northwest’s weekend snow

    Wherever you are in the Northwest, inclement weather can cause problems for those who aren't adequately prepared. Here's what you can do to batten down the hatches before the weekend.
  • seattle takeout

    Study: Seattleites spend most in nation on takeout, $2,520 annually

    According to a new study, Seattle residents spend more on takeout food than any other city by thousands of dollars.