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  • seahawks

    How the Seahawks made me come home for Christmas

    I had moved away, across the country, for a new life. And I had no intention of returning home to Seattle for Christmas. But a chance viewing of a Seahawks game changed that.
  • washington wolf

    Wolf sightings in Washington? There’s a map for that

    If you've ever seen a wolf (or what you thought was a wolf) wandering around nearby, you're not alone. There's a map for that.
  • star wars sandcrawler

    Cedar Hills landfill ‘Mole’ may have inspired sandcrawlers in ‘Star Wars’

    The Mole, a 1960s trash-compacter from Cedar Hills is rumored to be the inspiration for the sandcrawlers in Star Wars.
  • Weed beer

    Washington’s new THC-infused ‘beer’ isn’t what you think

    Washington is apparently getting its first THC-infused "beer," but there's a good reason that there are quotations around it.
  • king county library

    King County Library lost a cutthroat book sorting competition to New York

    King County Library recently fell to New York in the sixth annual Book Sorting Competition, which is a thing.
  • pinball with police

    Pinball with Police: What Seattle cops are doing in the ID

    While city politicians debated a new contract with police officers, some cops chose to spend the evening in Seattle's International District, playing pinball, and talking with neighbors. This is Pinball with Police.
  • elm street

    6 Washington cities most at risk of attack from Freddy Kreuger

    Everyone knows nightmares happen on Elm Street. These six cities have the most homes on streets named "Elm" and therefore are most prone to a visit from Freddy.
  • war of the worlds

    KIRO Radio performs ‘War of the Worlds’ live on air

    Voices from KIRO Radio performed the radio play "War of the Worlds" at Seattle's Egyptian Theatre on Oct. 26, 2018.
  • perseid meteor shower, orionid

    Best spots to see the Orionid meteor shower in the Northwest

    The Orionid meteor shower will peak this weekend. What to know and where to go to see one of the brightest sky shows of the year around Washington state.
  • Kshama Sawant

    New low: Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant blasts Paul Allen

    Not even 24 hours since the news of his death and Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant blasted Paul Allen for being rich.