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Student activists sent Evergreen president to psychologist

Evergreen State College. (AP)

Evergreen State College President George Bridges’ cringe-worthy handling of unruly protesters has been the subject of intense ridiculing. We’ve learned he’s seeking the help of a psychologist to deal with his “trauma” which, he claims, has nothing to with the students, but with those of us in the media.

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According to the Tacoma News Tribune, citing the Chronicle of Higher Education, Bridges “…began feeling broken during the summer, and was having trouble thinking through problems, making decisions, and staying upbeat.” They report:

“Something wasn’t working quite right,” Bridges told the Chronicle. “I just didn’t feel right.”

The story states that Bridges started talking to a psychologist, and is still working it out.

“It’s the exposure of your personal character to vilification that is perhaps the hardest piece,” Bridges said. “That’s where the trauma comes from — for me at least. It wasn’t the students. I really believe that.”

This broken man is still petrified of the students that held then-professor Bret Weinstein hostage because they were upset he didn’t find it appropriate to ban white people from campus during a day of protest.

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I feel such empathy for Bridges. I, too, sought psychological counseling while working in a toxic environment with a monster of a human being. He mistreated me, verbally took out his anger on me, and seemed to get immense satisfaction from my humiliation. I couldn’t quite handle the stress and trauma of it all, so I sought counseling and it helped.

But I knew the cause of my strife. Bridges doesn’t seem to.

For example, things got so bad for Bridges that, when dealing with the campus activists, he wasn’t allowed to use the restroom without a pair of student escorts. In his interview with VICE News:

Reporter: I mean, essentially what it sounded like was you were being held hostage there. If you were going to the bathroom you had to go with two escorts? Is that true?

Bridges: Uhm, well, that’s what the students felt were true … I was going to go to the bathroom regardless and they wanted to escort me. I felt very safe there.

Reporter: Why?

Bridges: Why what?

Reporter: Why did they want to escort you to the bathroom?

Bridges: I don’t know.

Reporter: Did you ask them?

Bridge: No, of course not.

Of course not? As if this behavior and demand is normal. Bridges’ abusers are some of his students and he’s clearly terrified of them. I hope, through counseling, he realizes who is truly causing his trauma.

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