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A dying man gets his wish, a loving home for his dog

A Texas man with terminal cancer knows that his dying wish will come true thanks to the kindness of strangers on Facebook.

Walt Hollier has diagnosed with terminal liver cancer last Summer. Before he passed away he wanted to make sure his two dogs found loving homes.

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CBS Austin says one will go to a family member, but his red heeler “Doc” needed a more active environment.

“When I was diagnosed I was given 36 months. He loves people, he loves to run and he’s a red heeler and I thought I can’t die and have him in limbo,” Walt said.

So, he posted his mission to Facebook.

The post went viral and quickly racked up more than 60,000 shares. In the end, it was the Last Resort Recovery Center near his home that would take Doc. Doc will now help the men staying there as they learn to live sober. He dropped Doc off this past weekend.

“I cried down the dirt road. It was like cutting a cord. He’s like my child,” Walt said.

Despite the sadness, Walt says it’ll bring him great comfort when he dies to know Doc is loved. And to the thousands of others who reached out to Walt through the Facebook past, Walt says it’s renewed his faith in mankind.

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