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Explore the brighter side of the news with KIRO Radio's Colleen O'Brien

Colleen O'Brien

  • vaccine

    Doctor who treated Oregon child with tetanus wants vaccines to be mandatory

    An unvaccinated six-year-old boy almost died after he contracted tetanus from a deep cut on his forehead that his parents cleaned and sutured at their Oregon home.
  • Holiday spending at Christmas

    Holiday spending expected to set massive records in 2018

    With the season kicking into full gear, holiday spending is poised to set records across the United States. But not everyone is spending the same.
  • Cindy Meyer

    Cougs fans step up to help alum still in need of kidney donor

    Cougs alum Cindy Meyer has been in need of a kidney donor for awhile now, but the hope now is that with some help from her fellow Cougs, she could find one soon.
  • brownie

    Everett Brownie troop uses cookies sales to save pets

    An Everett Brownie troop decided to do some good with profits from cookie sales.
  • Officer with plenty of ‘sole’ helps community

    A longtime Dallas police officer has a side passion-project that came to him through his police work.
  • No age limit for Meals on Wheels volunteer

    Edward Kydd has traveled more than 13,000 miles and put in 1,700 hours of service for Meals on Wheels. He's 101 years old.
  • Police introduce new (stuffed) member of the force

    Police officers in America’s smallest state proved they have the biggest hearts by making boy's lost animal a member of the force.
  • A cardboard box makes a child’s day

    As a Mississippi family patiently awaited the delivery of their new refrigerator from Lowe's their 6-year-old son patiently awaited the delivery of that refrigerator box.
  • Students gift janitor with incredible trip

    Students gave the janitor at Bristol University cold hard cash and caught it on video.
  • Waiter creates prosthetic arm for young customer

    A young girl rode her bike - truly rode her bike - for the first time last Wednesday thanks to a waiter at an Ohio pizza place.