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When ‘the worst woman on Earth’ joins OKCupid

A snap shot of LA writer Alli Reed's fake profile.

Ladies, have you ever wondered if there is any dating profile that men would not respond to?

LA writer Alli Reed decided to find out, by joining and creating the most repulsive personal profile she could.

Reed said her fake profile was mean, racist, lazy and manipulative.

“One of the questions is, ‘What do you do on a typical Friday night?’ And my answer was, ‘I’m knocking the cups out of homeless people’s hands because it’s so funny to watch them pick up all the change.'”

But despite her awful persona, she got over 150 messages from men in the first 24 hours.

Reed said the caliber of men writing the messages left a lot to be desired. She thinks many men didn’t even bother reading the profile, only sending her a “Hey, how is it going?” message.

And that might be because the profile photo was borrowed from her friend, a professional model.

“I was hoping that the men who were responding hadn’t read her profile and didn’t know how awful she was.”

To counteract the men who were likely messaging her without reading her profile, she responded with more awfulness.

“I just hit home, over and over again how awful she is, how she will actively try to ruin your life.” She said things like, ‘I will pull out your teeth. I will pretend that I’m pregnant so that you can buy me things.’

“Even when she said, this is what’s going to happen, they still wanted to meet up, and that’s what surprised me,” Reed said.

But what do you think men are after?!

Reed said a lot of people have asked her why the responses surprised her so much.

“Well, how cynical and jaded would I have to be, that so many people would want to get to know the worst woman on Earth?”

While I don’t think she should be that surprised, Reed said it’s OK, she’d rather hold on to her naivete if it meant thinking better of people.

By the way, she’s done online dating in real life, as herself. “I met someone through my real profile, and we’ve been dating ever since.”’s Alyssa Kleven contributed to this report.

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