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Batdancing with Borstein

As Luke points out on today’s show, Prince’s “Batdance” does not hold up in the least. I recently watched the Tim Burton Batman and their are great swaths of it that are utterly devoid of entertainment. Most of them are scored by Prince. Michael Keaton is still amazing in it though. I recently watched their other famous collaboration, Beetlejuice, and it really stands the test of time. In fact Winona Ryder is borderline enjoyable on screen! Believe it!


The rest of the show is a great interview with Alex Borstein. Here’s what I had to say when the episode originally aired:

The TBTL-athon continues! It’s gone a bit slower than usual this time around. So please donate now so that Andrew can afford to buy a cigar and a giant grey beard to go with the rest of his Fidel Castro costume.


Today on the show we’re joined by Alex Borstein of Family Guy and MADtv fame. Borstein talks to Luke about Lois Griffin’s Long Island roots, the basis for Miss Swan and being asked to be in Coyote Ugly three weeks before it came out. I tried to skip ahead to the interview but for some reason the fast forward wasn’t working on the live feed. Now go donate!

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