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Michael Medved

  • mowgli

    ‘Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle’ is beautiful but deeply disappointing

    As a technical achievement, 'Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle' is impressive, and yet it's uncertain who this disturbing movie is made for.
  • George HW Bush funeral

    An occasion that was powerfully, unashamedly Christian

    The National Cathedral funeral service for the late President George Herbert Walker Bush was as noble and remarkable as the good man it honored.
  • George HW Bush funeral

    Turning critics into admirers

    A graceful gesture from the late George H.W. Bush highlighted his ability to turn his harshest critics into admirers.
  • voter

    Voters prefer divided government

    Voters want the chief executive to work with the other side, and not lurch off in scary, abrupt, starkly partisan new directions.
  • Cindy Hyde-Smith

    Overcoming false charges of racism

    In the last Senate contest of this election cycle, Democrats tried -- but failed -- to destroy an incumbent Republican with unfair charges of racism.
  • Medved: ‘Creed II’ is a Rocky sequel that delivers

    You can jump into Creed II without watching the first film. It's hard to imagine anybody being disappointed in this sequel. It certainly delivers.
  • front runner

    Medved: ‘The Front Runner’ is one of the best political films ever

    "The Front Runner" has no heroes or villains, and is the precise antidote to today's partisanship. It tells the story of Gary Hart, a senator from Colorado who always had rumors swirling around him while running for office.
  • The demographic division that matters most

    The demographic division that counts most in presidential elections has nothing to do with race, gender or income: it involves state boundaries that determine votes in the Electoral College.
  • Hurting the press, the president and the country

    Jim Acosta, the aggressively arrogant reporter for CNN, posed a recent question illustrating the biggest problem with the press.
  • Placing race and gender over ideals and achievements

    In the midterm elections, Democrats won control of the House of Representatives while focusing more on the ethnicity or gender of the new legislators than on their ideas or agendas.
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