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Michael Medved

  • Senator Elizabeth Warren losing her million dollar bet

    President Trump should no longer use the nickname "Pocahontas" on Senator Elizabeth Warren; the designation "Faux-cahontas" is far more appropriate.
  • halloween

    ‘Halloween’ is creepy and a fitting tribute to the original

    Halloween is a very well made film. It is impossible not to feel disturbed, frightened, on edge.
  • Cantwell Hutchison

    Different views of ‘community service’

    You might expect Senate candidates to disagree on policies but in today's polarized politics they often differ on fundamental values as well.
  • first man

    ‘First Man’ returns a sense of wonder about space travel

    “First Man” returns a sense of wonder and excitement of space travel. It puts you on the edge of your seat. Ryan Gosling and all other performances in this film are universally strong.
  • Kavanaugh

    Lessons from the Kavanaugh climax

    New talk of impeaching Kavanaugh, or continuing to smear him, only makes the Democrats look extreme and vicious.
  • gold rush

    No, the Gold Rush wasn’t racist

    If the Gold Rush that began 170 years ago was a calamity then California itself is a calamity.
  • brett kavanaugh

    Medved: The real basis for anti-Kavanaugh hysteria

    Reluctance to confirm Kavanaugh from Dems in Congress goes far beyond allegations from Christine Blasey Ford, and rooted more in fear the nominee could overturn Roe v. Wade.
  • Kavanaugh

    Medved: Is private bad judgment relevant to high public office?

    Are we holding Brett Kavanaugh to the same standards as past Supreme Court nominees? Or is there a double standard we're not observing?
  • Underage drinking

    Medved: Fighting back against underage drinking should unite Dems, GOP

    The allegations surrounding Brett Kavanaugh's alleged partying in high school are making one thing abundantly clear: America needs to make serious strides toward combating teenage alcohol abuse.
  • Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court Nominee

    Medved: Kavanaugh fight shows liberal hypocrisy

    Accusations of sexual assault levied against Brett Kavanaugh are coming from a Democratic Party that's already supporting their own similarly-accused Representative, Keith Ellison.
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