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Michael Medved

  • Message from the Royal Wedding

    Media coverage of Britain's royal wedding focused mostly on breaks with tradition—with a biracial, divorced, American bride and a couple that lived together before marriage.
  • Jerusalem’s Palestinians: drawing them in, not pushing them out

    With the U.S. embassy finally moving to Israel's capital of Jerusalem, media narratives on the city's history promote distortions, half-truths and outright lies.
  • Trump

    The miraculous truth about Jerusalem

    The truth about Jerusalem is more compelling than any of the propagandistic myths.
  • religious

    Instinctive love for ourselves–and others

    How love can fight against this country's division.
  • Korea as key to victory for Trump and GOP

    Over-confident Democrats take comfort in the history of mid-term elections in a new president's first term: for nearly two centuries, the party in power almost always loses seats in Congress.
  • Trump, Paralympians

    Impeachment talk can only damage Dems

    Recent polls suggest 70% of Democrats support impeachment of President Trump—a preference ignoring obvious lessons from the recent past.
  • Israel flag

    Anniversary straight talk: Israel wasn’t ‘created’ 70 years ago

    May 14 marks the birthday of modern Israel but no one should make the mistake of saying Israel was "created" on that day in 1948.
  • The Left’s dubious diversity

    The left cherishes a peculiar, pernicious concept of "diversity" as the New York Times demonstrated with its reporting on the new president of Cuba.
  • Chappaquiddick: A powerful reminder of arrogance and corruption

    The new film Chappaquiddick depicts a searing scandal that changed the course of political history.
  • Seattle handgun

    Would civilians be safer if we stripped guns from cops?

    The Left seldom uses the same logic on gun control that it applies to incidents of police shootings of unarmed civilians.
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