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Law is dead in Washington state: I-1639 is inarguably illegal

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There is no law in Washington state. On Friday, the Seattle Supreme Court — formerly the Washington State Supreme Court –killed it. The so-called justices killed the law because they are left-wing activist, arrogant, lying hacks. They hate guns, they hate gun owners, solely due to those factors they unanimously approved Initiative I-1639.  The so-called court openly defied the clear and simple language of Washington state law. The so-called judges killed the law.

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This is a serious matter. If King County voters press I-1639 upon Washington state, gun owners will have a moral obligation to refuse to comply. We will not be breaking the law because, in Washington state, there is no law.

Proof that it is literally impossible to contend I-1639 is legal

The law says initiatives in our state must contain the clear, complete language of the proposed legislation. Here, in plain language, is the Secretary of State’s website explaining that requirement.

State law requires that petitions contain certain information, including the full text of the measure. This includes a ballot title and summary, written by either the Attorney General or a Superior Court judge, and other required information. The full text is usually printed on the back of the petition. Sometimes petition circulators attach the petitions to clip boards in order to make them easier to sign or easier for the circulator to handle. Sometimes the full petition or the full text of the proposal might be folded over or on the back. You should feel free to read any part of the petition that you think is necessary in order for you to make up your mind, even if that means unfolding it or removing it from a clip board.

The billionaires behind I-1639 — at least two of whom apparently enjoy armed guards for themselves — didn’t bother to put the full text of the measure on the initiatives people signed: it-is-not-there. That is not even questionable. There is the proposed law and there is what people signed: the two documents are-not-the-same. Here, used with the permission of, is the initiative people signed. The red ink indicates where the language has been altered, ignored or changed. This is-not-the-full-text of the measure.


Image created by ‘We the’

The so-called justices need to know this: You can kill the law but, in so doing, you kill the moral requirement to follow your diktat

This is not a judicial ruling, it is a diktat. In openly defies the law. The Seattle Supreme Court has not only killed the law, they have handed the citizens of Washington state a moral obligation to ignore this diktat. The so-called justices may have power, but they have killed their standing as arbiters of the law. If I-1639 passes, most gun owners will defy it. We will say to the Seattle Supreme Court and the rest of the one-party apparatus of the state: “we are not breaking the law because there is no law–you killed it.”

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