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Herman: Bob Ferguson was forced to conceal the lie he told about me

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson. (AP file photo)

Washington state’s part-time Attorney General, full-time fundraiser, Bob Ferguson, recently sent out a fundraising email using my name. In it, Ferguson pointed out that I got something wrong in an article I wrote about him, which is true. I messed up.

What he chose to not communicate is this: On my radio show, and, in writing, I immediately corrected the error and apologized to you, the editors of this page, and to him. But, that’s not where Bob chose to keep this.

In the email he wrote, apparently aware that my name is powerful trigger-word for his leftist, statist, wokeratti donors, Ferguson lied about why I corrected the record. When I confronted Ferguson with the truth, he was forced to conceal it from his readers.

I understand that not everybody was raised to, as my football coach used to say, “‘fess up when you mess up,’” so, I guess I can understand why someone else might allow themselves to be forced to conceal the truth. I am puzzled, though, as to why a man with as much raw power as Ferguson has — and appears to enjoy using to crush his opponents and reward his donors and cronies — is apparently so weak he folds under the little pressure this situation imposed.

Tuesday morning, on my radio show, I gave my listeners the inside scoop on my interaction with Ferguson’s staff, and explained — in some detail — why I use a phrase for Ferguson that seems to bother him, but, I think fits like well-sealed caps on a fake, veneer of a smile.

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