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Man shares his 17,000 vinyl records


Bob Knutson has one of the most impressive vinyl collections anywhere. He inherited his first 2,000 records when a neighbor died and today he estimates his collection includes 17,000 records.

According to KARE 11 News, instead of keeping them to himself, Bob travels 200 miles every month to share his music with the Red Wing nursing home.

Four years into his generous journey, he continues to see the power these old records have for the seniors. A woman recently approached him to request a song. She had lost her husband and wanted to hear their song. It’s worth watching KARE 11’s story to watch the beautiful affect the music has on her and the entire nursing home.

One other note, while Bob started his efforts at the Red Wing nursing home, to date has donated 40 record players to senior communities all over Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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