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America’s scariest police chief

Mark Kessler surprises audience when he pulls out a machine gun during his apology video. (YouTube still photo)

He’s been called America’s scariest police chief. And apparently it’s not just the criminals he is scaring. Mark Kessler is the police chief and in fact the only police officer in Gilberton, PA, population 800. As a sworn officer he can possess fully automatic weapons, which he demonstrates on YouTube [WARNING: Explicit language].

Recently he posted a profanity-laced video about John Kerry and the UN, which people found offensive and it created such a stir that he set up his camera on a remote country road to record this apology video:

“Well I’m here to say I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset anybody so please accept this as my sincere apology. Yeah I don’t think so,” says Kessler as he walks off camera and returns with a machine gun.

Upon returning he adds, “Here’s what I gotta say, if you didn’t get enough the first time around go **** yourself and get some more.” Kessler then continues to shoot his machine gun.

Kessler then walks off camera again and returns with an M-16 and a drum magazine.

“I have another message for ya,” he says as he fires once again.

Finally, he comes back on camera with an awesome fully automatic machine pistol and says, “Oh yeah it’s getting better isn’t it? I’m really hurting some feelings today!”

The mayor of Gilberton, Chief Kessler’s boss, told the local paper that what the chief does in his private life is his business. The chief himself has reassured his YouTube audience that by the bylaws of his Constitutional Security Force which has chapters in 38 states, members are forbidden from threatening OR committing violence against the government…except for just cause.

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