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Is it time to chuck big city life and move to Port Townsend?

Luke Burbank ditched Seattle to move out to the land of eagles and killer whales. He tells John Curley how he's feeling about his choice after two weeks in his new hometown. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Monday morning, The Tom & Curley Show crossed the Puget Sound with guest host Luke Burbank broadcasting from his new home in Port Townsend and KIRO Radio’s John Curley holding things down in the Seattle studios.

Of all the places in the world to move, Curley asked Burbank why he moved out there. Burbank said he and his wife were married in Port Townsend and every time they went there, they enjoyed it so much they wondered why they couldn’t just live there.

Curley compared Burbank’s move to those who say they’re going to chuck everything involved in big city life and escape to the boonies. Burbank acknowledged the move was a bit about that kind of thinking.

“I am the kind of person who is very easily caught up in the, I think, less important parts of life sometimes when I’m in a big city with lots of things going on,” says Burbank. “I’m like a crow and I see things that are shiny and I want to fly towards them and I don’t want my life to be so much about that stuff, so we decided to move out here and get away from it all a little bit.”

While some people issued him warnings about his move: “Don’t move when what you really need is a vacation,” is one he heard, after two weeks Burbank says, “so far, so good.”

Curley said he once had a thought to make a move like this looking at his 10-month old daughter shortly after 9/11. He hatched a plan to move to Vermont where he planned to open a bakery. He even saved up $100,000 to do it. But as we all know, Curley is in Seattle today hosting a radio show.

Listen to hear what happened to Curley’s Vermont plan:

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