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Send a postcard using these apps

Now you can use an app to send postcards to your friends and family. (AP Photo)

Anyone who knows me knows I like old-school ways of getting information: newspapers, magazines, and yes, I’ll even get the occasional postcard from a friend. But for those of you who prefer the more cutting-edge approach, here’s how you can keep in touch on the road.

There’s a new app out there called Postcard on the Run. With that, you can take a picture on your iPhone, Android or Windows phone, and then send it as a physical postcard.

What’s cool is that you can use the touch screen to add your signature to personalize the card even more. The downside is that there’s a processing time, so the postcard might actually arrive after you get back.

Already familiar with Instagram to create unique filters on your photos? The next step is Postagram, which takes those photos and sends them as postcards. It only costs 99 cents to send, which is cheaper than any cheesy tourist shop card.

Another good one is called Postino, which has been around for a few years and has all the bells and whistles for both mailed postcards and e-cards.

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