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Ross: Ending the age of robocalls and robo-answerers

You want to know how much America hates robocalls? So much that, as divided as this nation is, there is now a bipartisan bill sponsored by two senators — a Democrat and a Republican — to impose a $10,000 dollar fine for every illegal robocall!

Of course, now there’s going to be a debate over the definition of a robocall. Does it include the call alerting you that your prescription is ready? Does it include collection agencies? Does it include this guy, who called me during a garbage strike to warn about the substitute drivers?

“… drivers from out-of-state, who may not be qualified to drive heavy garbage trucks on our region’s dangerous roads. Make sure your children stay out of the way of the trucks. Call police if you see something dangerous.”

That’s even scarier than the woman who calls from Microsoft threatening to arrest my laptop.

Although I will say, after two weeks of political calls – what’s one more scary call?

Anyway, good luck Congress. And once you’ve fixed the robocalls, could you do one more thing? Could you please go after the robo-answerers? Where you call customer service and even though your call is very important to them and they strive to provide a five-star experience, they also strive to give you every possible menu choice except to talk to a sentient being who understands your problem.

Fix that, Congress, and all your calls will be from grateful constituents.

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