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More proof Seattle is full of passive aggressive people

LISTEN: Woman's personalized license plate spurs passive-aggressive note

Tailgating inspired Linda to get a personalized license plate with the phrase “BACKOFF.”  But someone found the message distasteful and let Linda know with a note on her car.

“I never have had reaction like this,” Linda told KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson. “I’m not unnerved by it. It is pathetic.”

Linda said she’s lived in Seattle for 37 years and nothing surprises her anymore. She said her car was egged once when they had a Bush bumper sticker. But leaving a note expressing your issue with someone’s license plate? That’s a new one for Linda.

“We all read it and got a pretty good chuckle out of it, actually,” she said.

The note left on her car read:

Thoughts on the plate… Not sure what you are going for. Obviously you care about following distance, but was it necessary to get BACKOFF? Negativity that won’t achieve its goal. I think it is safe to assume no one wants someone right behind them. And half the time, the person is doing it to get under your skin. I might actually follow you closely if I saw your plate in traffic. What really bothers me about your plate is that of all the things you could express, you chose BACKOFF. And that you paid money, spent time on this boring idea. I just think you can do better. If you want to defend yourself, text …. Thanks.”

Linda said most people, presumably other people who have been tailgated, understand the humor.

“We’ve had hundreds of people honk at me and thumbs up,” she said. “I’ve had women follow me in the parking lot at the grocery store to tell me how much they love the plate.”

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