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Saucy Ragu ad stirs uncomfortable memories

Talk about saucy. A new commercial for Ragu showing a pajama-clad kid walking in on his parents in an “intimate” moment is generating plenty of buzz. And it’s stirring plenty of awkward memories.

“Did all of you have this moment? Because I certainly did,” reveals co-host Bill Radke. Radke doesn’t remember how old he was but says, he was “old enough to know that something was off.”

“I walk in, they’re playing but not laughing. My parents handled it beautifully. When they were ready, they just sort of invited me in like nothing had happened — ‘How you doing, Billy?’ Didn’t talk about it.”

Radke says the way they handled it was somehow comforting and “whatever happened, everything is ok.”

The commercial clearly aims to make Ragu a comfort for trying times like these. The sauce might have come in handy for guest co-host Shawn Stewart. “My parents didn’t handle it that way at all. My God,they never spoke about it. And it wasn’t just me it,” Stewart says.

“They carried on, I guess you would say, with shocked expressions on their faces and then I just shut my eyes and ran and slammed the door,” Stewart admits.


By JOSH KERNS, Reporter

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