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Jon Lovitz to Dori: ‘Thank you for helping me kill my career’

John Lovitz told Dori that his views on "racism" have gotten him into trouble in the past. (KIRO Radio)

Jon Lovitz is a self-described Liberal but the veteran actor/comedian couldn’t help go off on a variety of topics that have been bothering him of late: including Donald Trump, PC culture and Canada.

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Lovitz, who will be performing stand-up in Bellevue through Saturday, provided some impassioned critiques to KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson on the current trend of labeling everyone as racist.  That included Robert Kennedy calling him racist for saying inner-city parents need to tell their kids to do their homework.

“I say you’re racist because I’m not looking at them as a race, I’m looking at them as people and their kids,” he said. “I don’t care who you are, you need your parents to say do your homework. He says ‘Well the mothers can do it.’ But they’re not doing it!”

Jon Lovitz kills his career

The former Saturday Night Live cast member said the same issues come up when people insisted on referring to President Barack Obama’s race.

“I told a friend of mine, you look at President Obama as a black man, I look at him as a man. I don’t care about his race. He’s not a race. He’s a man. I go, you’re racist, you keep bringing up the race. Talk about him as a person. Open your eyes,” he said.

After more than 30 minutes of laughing and ranting, Lovitz told Dori: “Thank you for helping me kill my career. Because I look at people as people, that’s racist. What? They’re people, hello. You get rid of all those labels, everyone would be people. Then what? Everyone’s an American citizen, treat them as such. Same rights for everybody, period. What if they used to have a penis and now they have a vagina: Are they an American citizen? Doesn’t matter, I don’t care. What if they switched body parts and their vagina is where their butt was and their butt is now where their vagina is? It doesn’t matter in an American citizen, I don’t care. What if they’re green and their ear is now where their vagina was and their penis is coming out of their head: Are they an American citizen? I really don’t care. It’s up to them. Everyone has a look.”

For more on Lovitz’s wisdom and “ACTING!” listen to the full audio below.

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