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Linda Thomas
People in the community donated toys and games after more than $6,000 worth of holiday gifts were stolen from the East Cherry Street branch of the YWCA in Seattle. They might end up with more toys than they started with. (AP file photo)

Seattle turns into 'Whoville' to help kids after toys were stolen

It's holiday science. For every negative action there is an equal and positive reaction.

Sometime over the weekend someone stole $6,000 worth of toys from the East Cherry branch of the YWCA in Seattle.

Since then, Seattle residents have rushed in to replace more than 300 toys meant for children and families in need.

Nichelle Hilton says when she discovered more than 50 boxes were taken from a storage area her heart "completely sank."

Who would do that? Who would steal Christmas presents from kids who are living in families with domestic violence or are homeless? They don't know, but they do know who helped. Seattle residents responded with donations over the past 24 hours.

"We have been taking calls almost every five minutes since 5:03 a.m.," Hilton says. "People have pledged 100 toys, they've pledged $100."


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