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Why Jimmy Fallon is now Dori’s most hated man

[HD] Billy Joel & Jimmy Fallon – You May Be… by IdolxMuzic

You usually have to be ripping off taxpayers or lying to voters to really get on Dori’s bad side, so it’s a bit surprising his current MHP (most hated person) is Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon.

Dori went on the hunt for America’s most hated after Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps died this week, prompting plenty of “good riddances” from many disgusted by his anti-gay protests and preaching. But little did Dori expect to find his MHP in a performance with one of his favorites.

Fallon got Dori’s goat on Thursday night’s show, which featured rock legend Billy Joel.

“I was so excited, because a bunch of listeners know that I’m a huge Billy Joel fan and a bunch of listeners told me Billy Joel was going to be on last night,” Dori says.

It was fine when Fallon and Joel did an a capella version of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” which Dori says was “fun and cool.”

But Dori couldn’t believe what happened at the end of the show. Fallon introduced Joel, poised at the piano to perform his classic hit “You May Be Right.”

“So now I’m thinking Billy Joel is going to sing…I’m looking forward to this.”

Joel was in fine form, but suddenly Fallon jumped in and began trading verses with Joel.

“I’m watching Billy Joel performing on the Tonight Show. I don’t want to see Jimmy Fallon,” Dori complains. “I don’t want that. I don’t need that.”

Joel didn’t seem to mind, but Dori is bent.

“It was just disgusting,” Dori laments. “This is so antithetical. You’re supposed to make your guests look good. The viewers don’t want to watch you sing as the host of the show. They want to watch Billy Joel sing.”

Just how upset was Dori?

So who should be on Dori’s most hated list instead? Comment below.

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