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Led Zeppelin: The best rock’n’roll band of all time

In a recent interview with 60 Minutes Australia, Robert Plant hinted that he'd be up for a reunion with his Led Zeppelin band mates after the show declared them the greatest rock band of all time. (AP Photo)

Dori couldn’t believe it when the Australian 60 Minutes declared Led Zeppelin the greatest rock’n’roll band of all time during an interview with legendary singer-songwriter Robert Plant.

Dori knows how iconic Led Zeppelin is for so many rock fans, calling them one of the big “soundtrack bands.” But he has been biased against Led Zeppelin since childhood. He remembers hearing Stairway to Heaven for the first time during his first slow dance.

“All of the sudden, during the middle of the song, I feel her start to pull away from me,” said Dori, “as if I smell bad or something.”

Dori looked around and realized the song had abruptly changed from the slow, soulful beginning that was perfect for a slow-dance and changed tempo so that couples were dancing faster. It was awkward.

Ever since, Dori can’t listen to them without cringing.

But Dori Monson Show listeners called in and defended Led Zeppelin, almost unanimously praising the group as the best rock’n’roll band of all time.

Countless listeners called in citing specific songs and albums that affected them. Fans said the group’s innovative sound with the concussive drumming of John Bonham, Robert Plant’s voice, and their sound variety across albums was a landmark in music history. Others remembered Led Zeppelin’s early shows as one of the best memories of their young life.

Other listeners nominated the Grateful Dead, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, The Who, and U2.

“If they’re not number one, they’re at least tied with Led Zeppelin,” listener Bob said of U2.

Many others nominated the Rolling Stones or the Beatles as the best rock’n’roll band of all time. But according to Dori, The Beatles aren’t real rock. And the Rolling Stones haven’t produced new music in years – or even mixed up any of their classics.

“They’re like a Rolling Stones tribute band,” said Dori.

Dori wants you to weigh in: what group is the greatest rock’n’roll band of all time?

What you’re saying on Facebook:

Laura Petersen: LOL! Yea, not to mention the Beatles, The Cars, Queen, Heart, Journey, The Who….I could go on and on! ; )

Doug George: Which Beatles songs aren’t rock n roll? First off, they played the most basic style of RNR of their time like everyone was doing…Then the more experimental later in their career stuff wasn’t RNR? Was Wings RNR?

Jason Seipp: If I had to pick one, it would be Led Zeppelin. The Rain Song is it for me

Ross Henderson: Zeppelin for sure. Modern times, Clutch. And best Seattle rock band, Dead Language

Kathy Jannusch Jones: the Beatles, definitely.

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