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Do you have the six essential friends?

Like Ferris Bueller said, life moves pretty fast. Sometimes so fast, you lose track of who’s most important.

Happiness and relationship experts agree that a rich life is full of diversity, including relationships. Read more. Dori walks through the list of six essential friends:

1. The friend who’s cooler than you.
“It’s kind of our job to stay on top of every single trend. I have teenage girls that I coach, and teen and 20-something daughters, so I’m on top of things.”

2. The friend who’s up for anything.

The friend who will drop everything and say ‘Hell yeah, I’m up for that.’
“This was the easiest one for me. I have several friends who I’ll call up at 11:30 pm and say ‘Do you want to go play some craps?’…on a Tuesday night,” said Dori.

3. The friend who you aspire to be.
Oprah once said ‘surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.’
“You love (Dave) Wyman so much, it’s Wyman isn’t it?” asked Jake.
“I don’t want this to sound the wrong way. I love my life. I don’t aspire to be anybody else. I’m very content. I’m very blessed,” said Dori.

4. The friend who doesn’t know any of your other friends.
There are times when you need to make an SOS call and get objective advice.
“Yes, (I) have that,” said Dori.

5. The friend who is painfully honest: They’ll tell you what you need to know. (Spouses don’t count)
“I don’t think I have that friend…besides my wife,” said Dori. “Guys don’t talk. That’s the thing about guy friendships.”

Dori said he once bowled 25 games with his friends and when he got home, his wife asked about what they talked about. “Not one thing.”

6. The friend you’ve known longer than you’ve known yourself: History works to your advantage. (No spouse, no siblings)
“I’ve got a good, close friend. There’s a picture of her and I. My mom and her mom both grew up in Mountain, North Dakota. Her grandma and my grandma came over on the same ship from Iceland. Her older sister and my older sister are best friends. We were born six weeks apart. There’s a picture of the two of us the day I came home from the hospital,” Dori said. They’re still friends 51 years later.

Dori has three out of six of the friends.

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