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Dori: Now homeless people are attacking Seattle tourists in this nightmare city

The Space Needle is Seattle's most-visited sight. (Nicole Jennings/MyNorthwest)

What is inescapable is that the city government has created a nightmare city. It’s like a dystopia out of a movie.

A homeless guy from a tent encampment near the Space Needle brutally attacked a tourist who was visiting from Arizona and wanted to take his family to see the Space Needle.

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The nearby “tent mansion” has been up for months. The city told the people in it to get out, but they’re not getting out, and the city done anything about it.

This family that was here visiting parked near the tents, thinking that in the middle of the day, it would be safe. One of the people from the tents started following the dad, harassing him. The transient man punched one of the tourists from behind, and then and then put a rope around the tourist’s neck, trying to strangle him.

This is insanity. Jenny Durkan has not taken any control over this situation. The fact that they have that tent encampment and the city hasn’t done a thing about it is shameful. The fact that they allow people to pitch tents on public sidewalks by the Seattle Center, right when tourists are coming to town to see the beautiful remodeled Space Needle, is unforgivable.

We’ve got to start enforcing our vagrancy laws. You have to hit rock-bottom before you get help, and to let people continue to use their drug of choice, to have politicians falling over themselves, just enables the crime and drug addiction and vagrancy.

I’ve told you all along what the politicians’ motivation is. Make the problem so visible, so horrible, that people will be willing to vote for the tax increase.

Tourists are being attacked with ropes is a real-life nightmare. This is on Mayor Durkan and every single member of the city council. They have turned the city into a dangerous nightmare.


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