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Dori: Bathroom contest featuring Sea-Tac Airport one of the stupidest ideas ever

(Don Wilson, Port Photographer)

Sometimes I see a news story that is just so incredibly stupid, I have to stop and take the time to point out the stupidity. This one takes place right here at home, at Sea-Tac Airport.

As I saw on MyNorthwest, one of the nation’s nicest public bathrooms is right here in our region at Sea-Tac Airport.

A bathroom fixture company has a competition every year to pick the nicest bathroom in the country. A bathroom in Sea-Tac’s North Satellite was nominated and has made it into the Top 10.

How do you get to be a Top 10 Bathroom? A bathroom is a bathroom. You go there to do your business and you leave. In airports, bathrooms are all the same.

New restroom at Sea-Tac one of 10 finalists in national contest

These polls are all bogus. They’re just done to bring a little bit of attention to the company behind them — in this case, the bathroom fixture company. I’m sure the company — which I’m not naming — just randomly picked 10 bathrooms from around the country.

I’ll tell you what bathroom was unique. When I was a student at the University of Washington, there was a bathroom in one of those old buildings with a window in the stall. You could sit in the stall and look out at the beautiful campus. The angle was such that no one could see in.

But at airports, unlike universities, bathrooms are all the same. What a ridiculous amount of hype over nothing.

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